Must-See Video: Timber Cutter Narrowly Escapes Being Crushed by Tree


Logging is dangerous work. In fact, it’s typically found at or near the very top of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of Most Hazardous Occupations.

Unforgiving terrain, falling objects and heavy equipment built to chew through live wood are all deadly perils that loggers face every day. Like this huge tree collapsing like a house of cards, nearly crushing the timber cutter at the base of the tree.

Fortunately, his survival instincts and cat-like reflexes kicked in just in time. And though his escape appears similar to the path of a hurdling pinball, it was actually planned out ahead of time.

“I didn’t want to go behind it,” he said. “’cause usually when they do that it goes straight back. I tried going up the rock but my corks weren’t biting, so I went the other way.”

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