After months without a single sighting of their favorite member of the local wildlife scene, residents in and around the communities of Oak Ridge, Jefferson and West Milford, New Jersey, are relieved to discover that Pedals, the bipedal black bear, is alive and well.

The bear gained social media fame last year because of its penchant for ambling about upright on its hind legs due to injuries to both forelegs.

Because Pedals hadn’t been spotted long after black bears normally come out of hibernation, area residents and the New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Agency feared the bear may have died over the winter. But a video posted on Facebook by Joey Esposito just days ago shows Pedals marching across residential lawns, apparently no worse for the wear.

Image is screenshot from video on Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: The Famous Bipedal Black Bear is Alive and Well

  1. The poor creature is not “well”! last year hundreds tried desperately to get the wildlife WELFARE agency to do its damn job and get the injured bear to a sanctuary that WANTED to house it and take care of the withered limb. They had a habitat and everything – and EVERYONE from Christi on down through the entrenched and overpaid wildlife management donuts refused to do anything. now I fear they will simply kill the poor thing to hide their unmitigated incompetence!

  2. Where are all of New Jersey’s ” Stop Bear Hunting in New Jersey ” advocates . Why aren’t they protesting to at least have the bear medically treated , why not pledge to pay for it ? It seems they would rather harass legal hunters the do anything to help the bear ,but I guess that gets tv time where aiding the bear doesn’t . Hunters in New Jersey , step up , prove you are more concerned about wildlife conservation than the anti-hunting groups in your state . Build a fire under the Fish and Wildlife Agency to do something besides sell licenses and fine violators . For a change both groups have a common goal to strive toward .

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