Sometimes you can see disaster coming from a mile away.

There were so many things that could have gone wrong here—a snapped tow strap, one or both bumpers wrenched from their respective vehicles, both trucks in the drink—that it would have been difficult to calculate the odds on the outcome.

What actually happens next, though, is so improbable; it may not have even made the list of Top 10 Possible Bad Endings. And, perhaps the reason why the guys in the next rig didn’t clear out when they had the chance.

Image is screenshot from Facebook video

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7 thoughts on “Video: A Boat Ramp Fail You have to See to Believe

  1. There are some people who should never be anywhere near the water or a boat. We have a perfect example here.

    For them, it’s not “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy
    For them it’s “Anything that can be done the wrong way will be done the wrong way”. I’d love to know the general locale of this so I never take my boats near that area.

  2. Who wants, everything went wrong there. What that dark SUV actually towing the other SUV/boat out. Must of been a real trick to reconnect the boat/trailer without doing more damage. Wonder if insurance covers the Act of Stupidty!

  3. For a fun afternoon, take a lunch and go to a public ramp w/ a picnic area nearby and settle down to watch the show. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. When living in PAC NW, used to be rather educational to hang out by local boat launch ramps. NW has up to 22 foot tide variations, which meant ramps could get very “interesting” and more so at low tides when seaweed covered slim was exposed. Often, with little concern about slime etc on ramps or the often a severe drop off at end (3 inch or more) the unconcerned at to reality, would when launching back rig into slime, start sliding and end up off end or side of ramp, hoping high tide was not real soon. Worse yet was those that hooked up to pull rig, started spinning tires in slime, then tires took bite and when from zero to whatever in record time, not only very dangerous to all, but boats/trailers all over the place. Signs were sometimes posted about hazards, but bud who ran tow truck advised, “make huge amounts and have special crews on weekends as lots of them flat-lander transplants that never thought about tides-etc”. Suspect other areas with large tide movements have same sort of entertainment centers.. Kinds of sad that a little precaution/observing reality would have saved lots of money/damages.

    Note same thing happened when boaters had little concern for tide falls, ended up in the mud shouting for help etc.

  5. OK Mack, that’s close to being to much!!! Got that BG one on trail can or am I gonna have to do t fr you? You doin OK??

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