We’ve all been in need of a helping hand a time or two in our lives, a situation which is not species specific. Just like people make decisions that get them into bad situations, the same can be said of animals. Case in point is a buck that went for a swim a little too far out into Long Island Sound between New York and Connecticut.

Being that this particular body of water is 110 miles long and 21 miles wide with a depth ranging from 65 to 230 feet, it is quite problematic for a buck to find himself out in the middle of it. If he was unable to right his course and find land before his energy dwindled, the struggling buck would’ve drowned. Luckily for him, some folks in a nearby boat spotted him and were willing to help.

Rob Kurdy and his pals managed to approach and get a rope around the buck’s antlers, by which they carefully ferried him to shore. The shivering six-pointer seemed only slightly alarmed by the return trip and is seen floating peacefully next to the boat. Upon arriving back on solid ground, the buck took 3 hours to rest and warm back up before departing, his prognosis seemingly good.

Although deer are naturally good swimmers, getting drained and disoriented is possible. Thanks to some quick thinking and a short boat ride, this buck will live to see another day on dry land.

Image is screenshot from YouTube video

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