It’s not everyday you see an artist speaking positively about our Second Amendment rights. That’s what makes Smo’s new song “We the People” so refreshing.

Smo, the country rapper famous for “Kickin’ It In Tennessee” and “American Made“, released a fiery new track for the 4th of July. The powerful song “We the People” bemoans the state of our country and the erosion of our rights and liberties. The track is a departure from his previous lighthearted songs that focused more on muddin’ than political revolution. It’s great to see an artist standing behind his beliefs, especially when so many in the industry don’t have the guts.

It’s music like this that reminds us of what a great country we live in. After all, as Thomas Jefferson once said, “dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.” Check back for our exclusive interview with Smo dropping on July 4th, and in the mean time make this “We the People” your July 4th anthem.

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