Wood burning art has come more and more to the forefront over the years as technology has improved and ideas have developed, but you would be hard-pressed to find something like what Danny Shervin is doing.

Shervin, who is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the artist behind Paint with Gunpowder, where he does projects like the one seen in the video below.

According to his website, Shervin uses gunpowder and acrylic paint to produce his art on canvas and wood, and he’s best known for his wildlife creations. Each work is different and is said to take hours to prepare before burning the image into the wood at the end of the process.

Shervin’s work has been featured in a fall issue of Mountain Living and also at the Jackson Salon Show in his hometown, where he placed second.

For more information about Shervin’s art and purchasing a piece of your own, be sure to check out his website at PaintWithGunpowder.com. And be sure to check out our first post on this cool hobby.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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