It is always good to be cautious around unfamiliar animals regardless of whether they are domesticated or wild. There is no telling how a strange animal might behave, especially one with which you are unaccustomed and that is not native to your area.

As the townspeople of Suffield, Connecticut, recently found out, you never know what type of animal may pop up and give you an awful fright. This is especially true when word gets around that an alligator has moved into a place where typically there are none.

When an alligator was spotted on the banks of the Connecticut River, locals were immediately alarmed. Due to concerns being voiced that gators might be taking up residence in the area, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection set out to investigate.

What they found was a relief to many. Rather than the possibility of a new species in town, what turned up was a stuffed toy. The 5-foot faux gator looked rather convincing when its plush texture was coated with mud, but the animal was harmless nonetheless.

A possible explanation in this case is that a child at play left the gator behind, but it is still important to exercise caution should you come across a real one. Toy alligators are comical and cute, but the real thing is far more ominous.

Image courtesy of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

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One thought on “Connecticut Town Menaced by Fake Gator

  1. The date of this find of an “Alligator ” was not included . Could it by any chance be about the first of April ? This sounds like a minor prank with a nuclear powered over reaction .

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