Mishaps are a part of fishing. You never know when things will go awry during your attempts at reeling in a big one. All we can hope is to be confronted with comedy instead of tragedy.

One endless source of mishaps is the carp. Though there are many reasons carp jump, such as to regulate air in their swim bladders, they are commonly seen leaping from the water in the presence of watercraft. This is a pretty entertaining sight, unless you’re in their flight path as clearly proven in the video below.

Tim Wells is seen setting out on a bowfishing expedition, minding his business as he navigates his boat through the water. Upon the near completion of a turn, out of nowhere he takes a direct hit from an Asian carp. His glasses fly off his face, into the water, and down he goes. The perpetrating carp is then seen thrashing about in bottom of the boat, perhaps with an expression of smug satisfaction. A second carp was following the same trajectory but did not make contact.

It goes to show that anything can happen when you set out on a fishing trip. Although no one wants to have a mishap, you might as well keep the camera rolling just in case.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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