When you’re out and about enjoying nature, sometimes you find yourself unexpectedly sharing space with wild animals. If you’re lucky, you just might be able to share the video screen with them – from afar, of course – just as one Maryland Natural Resources Police Officer did recently.

While responding to a call about a bear getting too close for comfort, the officers were able to lay eyes on the root of the complaint. There, in the Patapsco River watershed in Baltimore County, was a black bear scavenging about. Taking advantage of the opportunity to catch some bear footage, one of the officers stands in front of the camera, smiling broadly but tensely as the bear moves about behind her.

Though the bear in the video was undisturbed by humans and officers alike, there is a possibility that the animal has been sharing space with people. Reports have been made of a black bear hanging out in area yards and even on school property, and it is suspected that this is the bear in question. Time will tell if this is, in fact, the same bear, but MDNR took the video to educate the public as to the presence and appearance of the animal.

It was only a short while before the bear went on about its business, but it goes to show you that never know who – or what – might be camera ready when you’re in the woods.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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