Have you ever been put in a trance by the sound of a .223 round hitting a steel plate? This video from FOG Ammunition seems to do the trick. Here, Justin from Holt Works tests out FOG’s .223 55-grain FMJ, and there is just something very zen about the combination of a rifle report, bullet hitting steel, and trigger resetting. It almost sounds like the beginning to a song—or the start of a long meditative session.

The AR-15 is not exactly known for its musical qualities, but it sure seems to be the first choice whenever someone decides to add a bit of firepower into their songs, such as in this ridiculous rendition of Uptown Funk below:

FOG, or Finger of God, is a family-operated ammunition manufacturer based out of Walker, Minnesota. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to On Eagles Wings Ministries, a nonprofit organization that offers assistance and support to women who were exploited by sex trafficking.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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