Getting burned by hot brass sucks.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, getting burned by hot brass sucks. These three videos show that no one is immune to the pains of hot brass. The only defense against hot brass is proper shooting attire and a little situational awareness. Try and keep those two things in mind while you are shooting this summer.

In this video one of the models in Dan Bilzerian’s entourage was unfortunate enough to get sprayed by hot brass from a minigun

Dan Bilzerian is one lucky man. #WeaponVault

Posted by WeaponVault on Sunday, December 13, 2015


Even our armed forces are not immune to the hot brass dance.

Ladies need to be extra careful at the range. Low cut tops basically act as funnels for hot brass. They also trap the hot brass in sensitive areas. Watch out for the strong language in this video.

Image from WeaponVault on Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Videos: Three Quick Reminders That Hot Brass Hurts

  1. Biggest mistake I see in many gun “blooper” vids is people leaning BACK to shoot. If you’re unfamiliar with the kick of a gun, either long gun or pistol, get a FIRM grip and lean FORWARD.

  2. I love my Walther P-38, but that open top slide means it throws hot brass all over. Never shot a Beretta 92, but I imagine same prob with hot brass scatter.

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