If you had to read the title a few times thinking that you must have misread it, you didn’t. This is a real thing that is happening.

Staten Island has had deer population issues, and a proposed solution is to perform vasectomies on deer. A $2 million budget has been set forth to proceed with this quite insane method, since other “fertility control” plans haven’t worked in the past for the city. The vasectomies are to be performed over a 3-year trial period to reduce the nearly 1,000 deer found in Staten Island green spaces.

We aren’t quite sure how and why this was the chosen solution, seeing as these types of issues can be easily solved with a deer hunt, where a certain number of permits are given to reduce the overpopulated herd. This would effectively reduce the deer population while also providing income for the state. And even if the state paid hunters to reduce the deer population, it would likely cost far less than the $2 million budget as of right now.

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14 thoughts on “New York City to Perform Vasectomies on Whitetail Deer

    1. Its called a crossbow, or a plain bow, it could be done in a safe manner, that is cost effective! How to they plan on Catching to perform the surgery? Its nonsense but hey they can just raise taxes to pay for it and when it fails and it will they will still have to pay somebody to shoot them! Besides there are no doubt soup kitchens in town that could use the fresh venison!

    2. There is no such thing as a tame whitetail. There are some with broken instincts that would never allow them to live in the wild, for long. These might fit that case. No one was suggesting this would be a “fair chase” hunt. It would be a humane effort to reduce the herd so the rest don’t starve and die from disease. When hunting from an elevated position the trajectory of the bullet is down. If shot in these “green areas” no one is in jeopardy. The ground absorbs the bullet. It can be done over night, or at a specified period of days that would keep pedestrians away. Also the point of using archery equipment or a crossbow is good. It’s quiet with a far less range than firearms.
      The only way the breeding cycle ends is when the does are bred. If they are not bred they will continue to cycle. The rut could go on for months. Bucks would die of starvation and physical stress if they keep trying to breed does. They don’t breed for enjoyment like people do! It is absolutely in every way the most uninformed, juvenile, emotionally led decision ever made on an issue like this. People are sending this herd into a harsher existence than already exists for them. They don’t want to be around all these bi peds! Utterly ridiculous!

      1. A Crossbow is a good point, and as you pointed out, with broken instincts the use of an arrow (which requires a hunter to get close) would cull the herd of the animals that have become too domesticated. If the deer is stupid enough to allow a hunter to walk up and shoot…do nature a favor and get rid of the buck.

  1. New York City and State has a problem all right . It is not male whitetail deer . It is too many political hacks . All politicians in New York should be gelded /spayed as part of the swearing in ceremony . It wouldn’t fix things immediately but in a few generations it would raise the average intelligence of the state . All who approved of this idiot scheme should be the test subjects in the feasibility studies . MARGET SANGER was the inspiration for this variation of Eugenics .

  2. Yes, I read it twice. Are they really that stupid. And here I thought Californians had that corner on the market – Liberalism truly resides in the Cities.

  3. I am studying fish and wildlife management right now and yes we are facing a definite problem right now with the over whelming tremendous numbers of white-tailed deer right now. All other conservation techniques we have tried has not worked to help cull the over populated number of the white-tailed deer population. So yes something drastic needs to be done before we have an out break of lime diseases. So hunting would help but there a problem with that New York has a no gun being shot within the city limits. I see no harm in the vasectomy in white-tailed deer as long as they stop the procedure for a couple of years so the white-tailed deer number do not drop to drastically to the point of total extinction. Plus you have to keep in mind deer are emigrate animal they move place to place so like I said hunting would not work totally because they would come right back.

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