Video: Rescuing a Water-Logged Raccoon


Anything described as looking like a “drowned rat” conjures visions of someone who’s pitiful and pathetic, and in need of a friend. After watching this video, you might agree that this young raccoon is the new definition for that state of affairs.

The crew of a sailboat at anchor on July 4 noticed this poor creature bobbing about the harbor. How it got into, and how long it had endured, its predicament are questions that can’t be answered. But judging from how weak the little raccoon looked as it climbed upon the thrown life preserver, it’s pretty apparent that it couldn’t have treaded water much longer.

Crew members looked on as one of their group then gingerly towed the exhausted animal to dry land.  We can only figure that the raccoon went looking for a sympathetic friend when it found itself out of options. Lucky for him that he found a few.

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