Bush pilots do some amazing stuff. After all, they spend their careers flying in the most rugged parts of the world, in weather that would keep the boots of other pilots planted firmly on the ground.

The result is a lifetime of experience in getting into and out of hairy places—under less-than-desirable conditions.

Though we’ve ridden in more than a few bush planes, we’ve never seen anything the likes of which this pilot did. Granted, the plane’s light weight and oversize wings, combined with a fierce headwind, had a lot to do with the success of the incredible feat.

But still—dropping a fixed-wing aircraft on a dime? It just ain’t natural.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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7 thoughts on “Video: Bush Plane Lands Like a Helicopter

  1. Almost too amazing to believe . That pilot has legendary skill . He literally flies that plane as if it were an extension of his body .

    1. No engine problems there, just optical illusion. Figuring the frame rate on the camera at 30 frames per second, and the engine revving down to low RPM’s for the landing, and you get a stroboscopic effect that makes it look like the propeller is moving slow, stopping or even going backwards at times.

      1. either way it is still amazing control when the pressures on, I understand the effect, and it makes sense. thanks for the info though.

  2. I grew up in the late thirties and forties. I had a neighbor who did things with a Piper Cub that seemed impossible.A few things were, but he seemed to have to make sure on his own.He lived to a ripe old age doing some strange things in that cub.

  3. I like to watch the Mountain Men on tv and the landings Marty makes in places an angel would not dare. The men and women who made these over the years still have a flying history of their product in the making.

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