When spending time out on the water, appropriate clothing choices are a must. It is important to be outfitted properly for any occasion while at the same time avoiding overheating in the hot sun. Accessorizing is also necessary and what better way to do so than with a fish bra?

That’s right. Fish bras are a new, emerging trend this summer in which fishing trophies are being shown off in large part by lady anglers. Fish of all types, shapes, and sizes are being held across the chest, displayed prominently in user submitted photos. These photos are then posted on Instagram using the hashtags #fishbra and #fishbraperfection.

If you want to share a fish bra photo of your own, the submission guidelines for participation are simple. First, you must catch a fish. Next, the fish needs to be held up over the area of the chest where a bra would normally be. The choice as to whether or not to wear actual clothing beneath the fish is up to the individual. Once the fish is in position, snap a photo and submit to Fishbras via Instagram. Although the photo submissions are mostly women, men are also welcome to participate in the compilation.

Exhibiting a fish across the torso is yet another way enjoy the water and beautiful summer weather while at the same time putting some beautiful fish on display. Plus fish bras certainly add and new and exciting angle to having a ‘fish on’. Check out some of the latest submissions below.


And here’s a humorous take on the trend

Image from fishbras on YouTube

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