Though there is a such thing as a flying squirrel, the fact remains that not every squirrel can fly. However, when under attack from a predator, these tree-dwelling rodents and other animals alike find themselves willing and able to perform all kinds of evasive maneuvers.

Take for instance the squirrel in the video below. He is just hanging out in the top of a lush pine tree, minding his own business when an unwelcome visitor shows up. In this case, a hungry hawk comes calling, but our furry friend decides to be proactive in order to avoid becoming a meal.

As the hawk seemingly searches amongst the branches and pine needles of a tree in New Jersey’s Lincoln Park, the squirrel hits the eject button. Popping up without warning from the treetop, the bushy-tailed bugger makes a break for it, leaving the confused bird of prey still deep in the branches.

The squirrel continues his downward decent while the hawk is none the wiser and, just like that, another species knows how it feels to be outsmarted by their dinner plans.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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2 thoughts on “Video: Squirrel Ejects from Tree Top to Escape Hawk

  1. Smart squirrel, survival instincts kicked in. I watched a pair of reds tails once working together to corner a squirrel in big old oak tree in yard.. After several minutes the squirrel got lucky because my mom asked me to chase the hawks away. Another day I guess.

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