Northern pike are known by many names—jackfish, ‘gator, snake—or, hammer-handle and snot rocket, for juvenile forms of the fish. But when pike grow to a size where just about any living thing that swims in or on the water becomes potential prey to them, one nickname –slew shark—fits best.

The moniker perfectly describes this pike, interrupted in the middle of its web-footed lunch. It’s unclear why the big fish allowed the people in the inflatable boat to approach so close. Perhaps its weak hold on the bird caused it to have to stop and consider its next move.

Its skinny body compared to the head makes the pike look underfed and under nourished. If true, the fish was more likely just gathering its strength before pushing the attack. In which case, we sincerely hope it was able to close the deal.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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2 thoughts on “Video: Giant Pike Ambushes Waterbird

  1. The northern could not swallow this grebe or goldeneye, as it was attacked backwards. The birds wings and being so buoyant may have been stopping the pike from swallowing it. I am a northern pike fisherman and by no means did the pike look undernourished. The head was flared out because of what it had in it’s jaws.

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