Australian adventurer and animal wrangler Andrew Ucles has never been one to shy away from danger, and some of his previous feats—such as wrestling a wild deer—can be called quite insane. However, in a recent trip to Africa, Ucles decided to up the ante by catching one of the most notorious snakes in the world with just a stick and his bare hands.

We’re talking about the infamous black mamba.

Black mambas are feared across their native range for their incredibly potent venom and aggressive behavior. The species is widely regarded as the most dangerous snake in Africa, and for good reason. Black mamba venom has been documented to kill mice in as little as 5 minutes, and cause human victims to collapse in 45 minutes. Unless treated with powerful antivenin therapy, those bitten by a black mamba will experience pain and numbness around the bite area, trouble breathing and profuse salivation, and finally death within 7 to 15 hours.

The black mamba may not be the most venomous snake in the world—an honor that arguably goes to the inland taipan—but it has rightly earned its dreaded reputation.

Which is why Ucles decides to tackle the longest black mamba he can find.

Image is a screenshot from Andrew Ucles on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Australian Man Catches Black Mamba Barehanded

  1. First thing—-WHY?……Stupid, but if an idiot decides that is how to make money, so be it…Am not impressed.

  2. This guy DOES NOT value his life very much if at all…It was I’m sure partially staged by having the snake present for the video, and antivenin on hand.An insane demonstration at best and getting one of these reptiles upset is just gambling that the handler has more “moves” than the snake.STUPID

  3. U guys just dont get it is all. This guy does things that while are dangerous, are basically things we used to do before food was given to us in the drive thru. Im sure people at some point may have had to catch a dnake for food or even possible fight a wild deer. Things appear odd to us in modern times but I applaud guys like this. In a time when most people cant walk straight without getting injured bevause their pokemon go is glued to their face I find a guy that is able to do incredible frats with mother nature refreshing.

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