Video: Brian ‘Pigman’ Quaca Devastates Hog with .300 Win Mag


Wild hogs have a reputation for being tough, but in the face of a .300 Win Mag, they’re nothing more than a pile of bacon. Brian “Pigman” Quaca is back in top form in this video, where he sights an absolutely massive hog pigging out on some corn. After putting on a bit of a show for the camera, Quaca drops the hog with a single, titanic hit. Many hunters, especially in Europe, prefer .300 Win Mag for boar hunting because of its massive stopping power. While some may say it’s a bit too much—and you might loose a bit of meat—there’s little arguing with results.

Still not convinced that .300 Win Mag is not the caliber for you? Perhaps you should see this video of Franz Albrecht Oettingen of Germany taking down boar after boar with his .300 Win Mag rifle. There is a reason that many hunters consider the caliber the perfect hog round, and that is because it has both the extra range and power to hit a 300-pound hog at 250 yards and still put it down flat. Many wildlife agencies have it listed among their suggested hog hunting rounds for the .300 Win Mag’s all-around performance.

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