Multiple Fawn Water Rescues Caught on Video


Our world is filled with promise for the future as we see whitetail fawns out and about. The problem is that some of them find themselves in precarious situations that could result in their demise. One example of this is encounters with water, which don’t always end well for a young’un.

This fawn in a swimming pool looks to be having good time but lacks an exit strategy. Intervention is necessary, but as the rescuer approaches, the fawn makes an avoidance maneuver. A course adjustment later, the animal is scooped up and headed for the exit. As soon as freedom is within reach, the bleating fawn touches solid ground then spins immediately around and re-enters the water. Luckily, rescue attempt number two goes a little more smoothly.

Also perilous can be getting caught up in the middle of a lake, such as with our second fawn. Found struggling to swim in the middle of Lake Buchanan in Austin, Texas, this fawn also required intervention and was rescued when someone swam out to meet it. Energy clearly depleted, this little one was brought aboard a pontoon boat where a ride back to shore and a warm lap were provided.

Fortunately for these two fawns, assistance was available to get them safely back on dry land, allowing them a chance at life of which they might have otherwise been deprived.

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