Lawbreaker Offers Rare ‘Jimmy Dean’ Defense for No License


The absurd excuses some people give for breaking the law are somehow always sad and entertaining at the same time.

Take the Minnesota man, for example, who was recently observed with a fishing rod in his hand, and then claimed that he needed no angling license because of the type of bait he was using.

It happened, according to Minnesota Public Radio News, when Conservation Officer Joyce Kuske saw a gentleman fishing from a pontoon and decided to check his paperwork. When he hurriedly put the rod down as she approached, she became suspicious but was totally surprised by his assertion.

No, he said, he didn’t have a fishing license, but he didn’t need one since he was using breakfast sausage for bait!

We wonder if that rule covers only sausage, or all breakfast meats. We’re pretty sure bacon would outfish sausage any day of the week.

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