California Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Chris Stermer’s trail camera captured this photograph of a wolverine on May 18, 2016 and now the public is able to see it for the first time.

The photo shows a wolverine in the Tahoe National Forest which is located near Truckee, California. Until 2008 it was belived that wolverines were extinct in the state of California. Since then the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has been tracking the wolverine, nicknamed Buddy.

Chris Stermer said “When you see them on video, a wolverine is a pretty exciting species to have in California,. With the population we have in California, thinking that we can have a wild wolverine amongst us is pretty amazing. It really begins to restore our larger carnivores back in California.”

Biologist are still waiting on DNA results from the site, but they are almost certain that this is the same animal spotted earlier in the year. “Buddy” is estimated to be around 9 years old which means it is reaching the end of its natural life span. Once the only California wolverine dies it’s unlikely another one will be spotted for quite some time.

Earlier in the year the same wolverine was captured on video which you can see below:

Image Courtesy California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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9 thoughts on “The Rarest Animal in California Was Just Spotted on a Trail Camera

    1. That’s what Californians think Republicans look like, so with just a trail camera photo, there will likely be a debate about whether it’s actually a wolverine or not.

  1. Chris Stermer, what exactly have you been smoking out there in those woods? “Begins to restore our larger carnivores back in California”. I really hope that is a misquote. Bears are becoming more and more of a nuisance problem. Mountain Lions and Coyotes are dining on family pets up and down the state. Now the wolves have re-appeared in the north state area. I find it very fascinating that both the wolves and the wolverine were both spotted via trail-cam. I better hurry and get my cams up so I can get my pics of bigfoot! Wait… only problem is I don’t have a bigfoot to relocate to an area. Damn well there goes that idea. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying alright these animals are falling off trucks all over the place. Either that or they have cameras behind every tree out there because they don’t seem to be missing anything. Anyone that wants to dispute how many bears and cougars there are out there should first get accurate numbers of how many of these animals are being removed by govt USDA contracted hunters and trappers. Animals that should be managed by the sportsmen and women of this state. They have by far put more money and effort into the conservation and preservation of all species within California.

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