Tailgate Wrap that will Blow your Mind


We all like to make a statement from time to time. Whether it is something you believe in or just plain like a whole lot, it may occur to you to share it loud and proud. What better way to do so than to place it on the tailgate of your truck?

Growing in popularity in recent years is the vinyl tailgate wrap. Though the trend originated from a business perspective with advertising wraps being initially the most common, designs that are both stock and custom in nature have since come a long way.

Today’s innovative tailgate wraps take self-expression to the next level. Say you are itching to put a deer in your truck bed, but you’re not having your best season. In that case, you can simply add a tailgate wrap such as the one pictured, enabling you to gaze upon your truck, reminiscing of bucks past and dreaming of future ones.

Tailgate wraps are very versatile and have about a 5- to 7-year lifespan, depending on climate and care. They can be placed on any truck and will actually protect the paint below from scratches, dings, and fading and can be removed without residue left behind.

When it comes to adding a temporary design to your truck that won’t negatively affect resale value, a vinyl tailgate wrap or even full body wrap is the way to go. In a short amount of time and for a fairly small investment you, too, can be sporting something awesome on your tailgate.

According to a post on Sandy’s Custom Auto’s Facebook page, the amazing tailgate wrap shown here is priced at $89.

Quote from Kelsey in Sandy’s Graphics Department: “We design, print, laminate and hand make each wrap! The tailgate wraps are $89 before shipping; if you can give us the area code we can estimate it with shipping. We would need an emailed picture of your tailgate up, then a picture with the tailgate down, and the view of your bed so we can actually lay the deer in that picture to make sure colors match. Contact info: [email protected]; (423) 566-9045.

You know you want one!

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