Video: Introducing Pnuma, a New High-Performance Hunting Clothing Company


Some hunters feel like they have searched the world for the ultimate in hunting wear. With advancements in technology over the past 2 decades, we have witnessed the birth of a new era in high-performance clothing. Not only does today’s clothing keep us dry, comfortable and warm, but it fits better than ever before.

Part of the technological revolution came about through companies such as Robinson Outdoor Products and ScentBlocker. Scott Shultz built those companies into successful businesses, yet had a much bigger dream. Pnuma Outdoors is his newest endeavor, which not only delivers the best materials and craftsmanship in construction but also brings with it an optimal fit for ultimate compatibility. FYI: The name Pnuma (noo-mah) is a word of Greek origin meaning “spirit.”

Shultz travelled the world in recent years to find comfortable fabrics with increased wicking abilities, new technologies for scent elimination, and premium components such as zippers and toggles. The reason you’ve never heard of Pnuma before is because it just launched online TODAY!

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A Modern Company for the Modern Hunter

You will not find Pnuma in any of the big box stores, or at any retailer for that matter. Pnuma will be sold consumer-direct only, providing huge cost savings to online shoppers. It is safe to say that most people familiar with top-end outdoor clothing will be pleasantly surprised at the price structure of all garments and components.

How do you get Pnuma? You order it through their website, and they pay for the shipping to send it right to your house. Whether you’re in the market for base layers, insulation, or all-weather outer layers, you can order worry-free. Pnuma Outdoors offers a 30-day True Fit trial period on all hunting clothing and will refund your purchase if it doesn’t fit correctly, or if you’re not totally satisfied.

Pnuma is so confident in its products that it guarantees the items for life. That is, if they fail to perform as claimed, or even if you rip them crawling through a barbwire fence, you can send the garment back to Pnuma and they’ll repair it to the same working condition as new, or replace it.

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What’s Different about Pnuma Gear?

Consumers may not be familiar with many of the advancements Pnuma brings to the market. Terms, technologies and full descriptions of how high-performance components work are well outlined on the company website to inform and educate hunters about what they have been missing.

Pnuma has five systems to cover different hunting wants, needs, and weather conditions: base layer, performance, insulation, soft shell and all-weather. The different systems are named after specific animals using several First Nations languages to help hunters relate to the garment’s qualities and performance levels. For instance, their Tatanka system—meaning bull buffalo—represents their insulation layer like the heavy wool on a buffalo.

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Pnuma also brings a new camo pattern to market, called Pnuma Terra. It’s a lighter color with lines and digital components to make it work at any distance, in any environment, during any season. The unique part of the camo development was the choice of color schemes to stay hidden from the very cues that wildlife picks up on. The animals we hunt, be it with archery or firearms, see colors in a completely different way than humans do, and the Pnuma Terra pattern was designed with that in mind. Kenton Rowe, world-class photographer whose portfolio includes covers for National Geographic, field tested the pattern extensively and found it extremely effective when dealing with wildlife as his subject matter. The versatility of this design will give you every advantage in the field.

Another big consideration in the development of Pnuma was making it usable and desirable for all hunters; that is, you don’t have to be a mountain athlete to benefit from Pnuma. Treestand whitetail hunters, waterfowl enthusiasts, upland gamebird flushers and early season squirrel hunters will all see the same benefits that previously have only been afforded to a more athletic part of the hunting community. In other words, it’s an every-man’s clothing.

You can find Pnuma on Facebook at @PnumaOfficial, or on Twitter and Instagram @Pnuma_Official.

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