Video: Traffic Jam Due to . . . Bison Blockade?


Getting stuck in traffic can be a real test of one’s patience. Despite the many frustrations of a cluttered roadway, sometimes you just have to wait it out, such as in the case of a bison blockade.

Bison are a species that don’t seem to care in the slightest about right of way. They don’t look both ways before crossing the street and wait for safe passage. They simply go on about their business, sometimes in very large numbers, and it is us as drivers that must sit tight and wait for a clear path.

During a recent drive through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Arun Binaykia faced a wall of bison on the move. Some were traversing grassy areas alongside the road, but at one point they came together to cross the asphalt, taking over a stretch of road with him being forced to bring up the rear.

As bison of all shapes and sizes surrounded his vehicle, including bulls, cows, and young calves, Binaykia had no choice but to idle through the park in what could very well be the best traffic jam ever.

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