Video: 13-Year-Old Catches 200-Pound Sand Tiger on Beach


Catching a shark while surfcasting on a New Jersey beach isn’t all that unusual. Catching a 200-pound sand tiger when you’re only 13 years old, however, is another story.

During a recent fishing expedition with his dad, Gianni Mandile knew he hooked something sizeable from the moment he felt a tug on the line. His father, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure and suspected only a stingray. Soon a shadow in the water appeared, revealing that what Gianni had was actually a shark.

Gianni, who has been fishing since the age of 3, kept reeling as his dad coached nearby. Once the shark was at the water’s edge, dad got down to the business of dragging it ashore.

“I didn’t expect to catch something that big,” said Gianni to ABC 13 News. “Because other people have caught those types of fish but usually at night, so I wasn’t expecting to catch it in the middle of the day.”

Together, father and son along with a friend removed the hook and snapped a few quick photos. The shark was then released and departed quickly out to sea.

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