Video: Snake Hitches a Ride Under Car Hood


It sometimes seems there’s no end to folks looking to bum a ride from one location to another. Once in a while they ask nicely and even offer gas money, but other times they slither right on in, free-loading the entire trip.

A group of travelers were surprised by a surprise passenger that showed itself as they were moving down the road in south-central Russia. Out from under the hood, up near the windshield wipers, a snake appeared. After hanging out on the hood for a few moments, the snake apparently reached its desired destination and departed from the vehicle via the front bumper area.

No one knew this stowaway was present, but it is suspected that the sneaky serpent was drawn to the vehicle for warmth during a beach outing earlier that day. The driver, Vladimir Maslow, who was riding with his girlfriend at the time, calmly captured the event on video.

The wriggling wayfarer is thought to be a dice snake, which is non-venomous and native to Europe.

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