Video: How .22 LR is Made, Tour of CCI and Speer Factory


Have you ever wondered how .22 LR ammunition is made? Well, there are plenty of videos on the internet that walk through the production of one of America’s favorite cartridges, but this recent tour of the CCI and Speer factory by YouTube personality 22Plinkster is one of the most detailed. In fact, this is reportedly the first time that CCI has allowed an outsider to film in their factory in over 9 years.

“This was truly a dream come true for me. I can’t thank the people at CCI and Speer enough for allowing me to do this,” 22Plinkster wrote. “I couldn’t possibly show everything that went on at the factory. However, hopefully I showed you enough for you to grasp the concept of how rimfire is made.”

The CCI factory operates 24 hours a day continuously and at its height, was capable of producing more than four million rounds of rimfire ammo in a single day. This was especially true during the height of the .22 LR shortage in 2013 and 2014, when CCI stepped up production.

You can see how CCI manufactures its iconic rimfire ammo below:

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