Video: Gar Fishing Without a Hook


A rod and some rope is all these northeast Texas fishermen need to catch gar. Heading out on the lake to do some crappie fishing, they noticed a good number of gar flipping around on the water. Bobby Barrack and his cousin Travis switched up their tackle and decided to try out an unorthodox style of fishing, using a hookless lure.

It’s one of those quirky methods of fishing – like using cane poles that die-hard anglers should try and check off of their “outdoors bucket list.” Using long pieces of nylon and a weight that varies depending on wind and depth, they cast into the water and the fun begins. The gar show interest in the bait immediately, and it’s not long before Bobby and Travis start getting into some fish. The long pieces of nylon get wrapped up in a gar’s teeth and that’s all it takes.

Obviously, on other fish species this method won’t have quite the success rate of using a typical hook, however, it does add merit to your personal outdoors journal of catching a fish without a hook. So next time you’re looking to try something a little different and you’re up to the challenge, think outside your tackle box and give this a try.

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