Climate change has been impacting Earth for a long time, but this is certainly one of the bizarre side-effects of global warming. In Russia, what sounds like the beginning of a Hollywood zombie thriller is becoming a real life issue.

Conditions that are melting Arctic permafrost are revealing carcasses of deer that were infected with anthrax some 75 years ago, when World War II raged. Warmer temperatures have reactivated the infectious disease, which can survive in hibernation for decades. Retreating ice and permafrost that is becoming more like sometimes-frost has already begun to yield other curiosities and dangers, some of which can do a lot more damage than a pile of dead deer.


Scientists in 2014 discovered something that sounds like summers next big movie hit: bacteria that eat through thawing soil. These organisms, including Methanoflorens stordalenmirensis, gobble up nutrients and metabolize them into methane. With the planet warming at the rapid rate that it is now, widespread Arctic melting may serve these methane-burping bacterial colonies a feast of geologic proportions. And that means potentially dangerous amounts of methane pouring into an already toasty atmosphere.

Permafrost stores about double the carbon that the atmosphere does. The better the bacteria do, the more carbon joins the sky, the warmer Earth becomes. Repeat.

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11 thoughts on “Melting Permafrost Thaws Dead Reindeer Causing Deadly ‘Zombie Anthrax’ Outbreak

  1. File this story under ” when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Just like everything else “unusual” is pounded and beaten into the “climate change” agenda.

  2. “Global Warming”. Are you friggin’ kidding me? I thought you people at OutdoorHub were a bit more on the ball than this. Oh well, I guess one more previously respected outlet goes down the liberal rabbit hole.

  3. Count me into the “seriously folks” about global warming and us causing it. No one is reading about the FORESTS found where the glaciers have receded to these “record” levels? And guess what else? HUMAN artifacts, humans in those forests that were then covered with glaciers. The world goes thru these changes and we can’t stop it. the earth is probably returning to the pre-glacial state. And if Milankovitch theory proves correct, it’s going to go back to ice age again, and repeat…..

    1. You are exactly right. I grew up in western Minnesota at the bottom of Glacial Lake Agassiz

      which formed as the glaciers melted and receded from that area. I seriously doubt that the

      glaciers melted due to man caused global warming. The sheeple are so poorly educated

      these days that the left can pull anything they want on them and they eat it up and make a

      religion out of it.

      1. Are you kidding me? Ignorance among the sheeple from the conservative side far outpaces the liberal side. Hell, half the posts on this page deny warming exists, before even getting to debating whether it is due to anthropogenic causes or not.

  4. That’s it? Anthrax and a methane producing bacteria runnin amok and the article ends with, “just the facts, man!”?

  5. Outdoorhub: stupid article, stupid assertions. I got a question for ya… How did anthrax get there in the first place? Answer:it was warmer there a looong time ago. Im embarrassed for you.

    Your “With the planet warming at the rapid rate that it is now” is a false narrative. No global warming for over a decade isnt very rapid.

    Possibly time to unsubscribe?

  6. “Global warming” that’s for the liberals. I don’t know why people worry about global warming. Since I was a kid, it has been hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so get off the whole global warming thing.

    1. The global warming discussion you are referring to is a political argument. I’m an engineer and a conservative, follow the science on this (the real stuff, not the political fluff that politicians spew), and the evidence is irrefutable (except by politicians).

  7. What BS. 40 years ago we were being told that by this time we would be in another ice age. The climate is always changing & we are not in a warming trends & haven’t been for the past 15 years. Crappy article.

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