Video: Teenager Makes Friends With Deer Family


Take a minute to think about all the extremes you go to preparing for your hunts. Alarm goes off at 4 a.m., jump in the shower to wash off your human scent, next, put on multiple layers of scent and moisture wicking clothing to prevent bringing any unfamiliar smells with you in the woods. Finally, just before walking to your treestand, spray yourself down with scent destroying spray to rid any foreign scents you may have picked up along your way to your favorite hunting spot.

This teenager from Pennsylvania has a different approach and may have changed bait piles across the entire hunting world. Kelvin and his new deer friend, who he calls “Money” (and happens to be a nice young eight point) have been bonding over daily feedings of Club Crackers and powdered doughnuts. The next day, Money brought his whole family by Kelvins for a tasty mid-day snack. Kelvin gave all the deer their own names and calls them his “deer squad.” He feeds them doughnuts and takes selfies with the deer family, he also mentioned that Money enjoys a little basketball from time to time.

Kelvin told BuzzFeed that he didn’t expect to get so much attention from his videos, and that he would start feeding the deer healthier snacks. You can see Kelvin feeding the two does and the newly born fawn strawberries before they move on with their day frolicking in the woods.

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