Earlier this week, Apple announced that they would be replacing the gun emoji with a water gun on the iOS 10 update, which is set to be released this fall. Don’t worry though, your second amendment rights to bear emoji arms are being taken care of with Gunmoji, an app that has your six.


Their message is simple, gun emojis don’t kill people, people kill people, and they’re calling out Apple on their hypocritical stance on gun control. If Apple is going to remove the gun emoji because it depicts violence, shouldn’t they consider all other aspects, such as junk food emojis, and games that promote gun violence including a game that condones the killing of Police Officers?

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4 thoughts on “Apple Bans Gun Emojis, Company Pops Up to Deliver Thousands of Gun Emojis to Your Phone

  1. Do I read this right ? Guns you can use to defend yourself are bad ; ( terrorist ) bombs are allowed , swords ( terrorists use to behead non-terrorists ) are o.k , airplanes ( like terrorists used to kill 3000 people on 9/11 ) are inoffensive , knives ( similar to those used to slash women and children by terrorists ) are acceptable , trucks ( looking a lot like those used for bombs in Beruit ) are innocuous emoji !!!! Amazing Amazon .

  2. Apple is a bunch of Liberal weazers. Frankly I hope Steve Jobs, who was a self righteous prig, is burning in hell.

  3. How in the hell is it up Apple to ban speech? We are using their products, that doesn’t give them the right to determine what they are used for! For instance the terrorists that can use them as detonators for their f’n bombs. Cowardly morons….

  4. y is there a cigerette emoji then… theres only about 35,000 deaths per year caused byfirearms (and far less by the 357magnum reveolver that the emoji is of) but theres over 480,000 deaths per year from cigerettes.

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