Video: Eagles in Training to Take Out Drones


Whether you are a fan of drones or not, one fact remains the same: the drone is here to stay. Considering the many positive things for which they can be used, it makes sense to welcome such possibilities. However, with pluses come minuses, and not every drone operator is going to have good intentions at heart.

Due to the small percentage of people who enjoy behaving badly, it has become necessary to have plans in place to quickly and efficiently resolve drone-related issues. Although there are a few options for grounding a rogue drone, the Dutch National Police are taking things a step further by training eagles to intercept and take them down.

Through a partnership with Guard From Above, the Dutch National Police are working with eagles as an emergency drone response. The birds are trained to recognize drones, capture them midair, and carry them off to a safe location for landing. While this is safer for humans on the ground, drones may be capable of injuring birds, some of which are protected. To ensure their safety, this is another issue being addressed in testing by the Dutch.

For training purposes, eagles are rewarded for their successful catches to make the job more appealing. However, if you have a sneaking suspicion that they would work for the satisfaction of a drone-free sky alone, you could be right as birds have been known to attack drones on their own accord.

Results of testing by the Dutch National Police are still forthcoming, but time will tell if eagles will be placed on the anti-drone payroll.

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