Team USA Wins Silver Medal; Archer Ellison Wins Look-A-Like Award


Over the weekend, the U.S. men’s archery team – Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Zach Garrett – took home a silver medal after losing to South Korea in the finals.

It was one of those strange times, however, when people on Twitter were all picking up on the same thing at once, and that is that archer Brady Ellison has a striking resemblance to actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Let’s get this out of the way before the internet starts asking for birth certificates: Ellison looks like Leo when his eyes are narrowed and the string of his bow is pressed against his lips. In other words, Ellison isn’t getting stopped walking down the street by people mistaking him as the Oscar-winning (finally, am I right?) actor.

When he’s not, he looks exactly like what he actually is: A 27-year-old elk hunter from Arizona.

In today’s world though, you’re wrong if you don’t agree with Twitter, and the verdict is in on this one, Brady Ellison is Leonardo DiCaprio.

But hell, if a bowhunting dude whose game face makes him look kind of like a famous actor is going to get more people interested in the less flashy Olympic events, then screw it: Have you guys seen this guy Brady Ellison? He’s the spitting image of Leonardo DiCaprio!

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