Video: Five Giant Bass Weigh more than 65 Pounds


Do you believe in monsters? Monster bass that is. And just a heads up, this video might make you want to ditch the office for the day and get out on the lake. You’ve been warned.

Watch as Butch Brown reveals and releases five bass weighing more than 65 pounds. The first couple fish are bigger than most people catch in their lifetime. However, Brown acts like they are nothing special, and for good reason. You have to watch until the end to see the size of the last bass he takes from the live well. He pulls up his shorts, and reaches in to pull out “Big Mama,” which is an accurate nickname for this hog. Weighing 18.5 pounds and a belly like a couch potato, this bass will blow your mind.

You see plenty of fishing videos with guys endorsing lures, and all sorts of fishing gear, but I’ll admit I never googled something so fast in my life. Visit Hudd Baits to check out more monster bass, and the lures used to catch them.

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