Video: Hanging Out on the Beach with Black Bears?


People flock to beaches during summer for relief from the heat, but you don’t expect to share the sand with a family of black bears.

Check out this amazing video showing a sow and two cubs as they cool off on California’s Pope Beach on the south shore of Lake Tahoe.

Thankfully, most of the swimmers and paddlers gave the bears plenty of room. There are few things in the wild more dangerous than a sow with cubs, so it’s wise to avoid them.

Bear attacks on humans aren’t common, and when they do occur it’s often because people surprised the bears in heavy cover during a hike, or stepped out onto a deck in a wilderness setting and inadvertently got between a sow and her cubs. Here, the sow could easily keep an eye on her cubs and the other beach visitors (i.e. people), so trouble was avoided.

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