Math for Deer Hunters: MT050 + O2 = BBD


True story: I studied mathematics in college with plans of becoming a high school math teacher. And even though I graduated with honors and have papers to prove I earned a math major and secondary education minor, I somehow got lucky enough to make a career out of the outdoors.

Even though I’ve forgotten a great deal of the math I had once mastered, I do remember vividly that the higher level math courses featured far more letters and symbols than numbers. In fact, it was much like learning a foreign language.

So what does “MT050 + O2 = BBD” mean?

MT050 is the incredibly quiet and 100 percent waterproof rain jackets, pants, bibs and accessories from Cabela’s. I’ve been wearing MT050 clothing for more than 20 years, and on a scale of one to four stars, I’d give it a five. The clothing allows me to bowhunt whitetails in any conditions and remain hidden from a deer’s eyes and ears. And while the MT050 rain equipment I own doesn’t have ScentLok lining, you can be sure my next jacket and pant will so I can also hide from a deer’s nose, too.

The O2 in my “math equation” above refers to a new camo pattern from Cabela’s called O2 Octane. From bowhunting whitetails in oak treetops in the Midwest to spot-and-stalking muleys on western prairies, O2 Octane is so versatile it will get the job done almost anywhere. I like the contrasting light and dark colors because I’ve learned from experience that many so-called realistic camo patterns make you look like a black blob from a distance. You can think of O2 as the second generation of Cabela’s proven Outfitter Camo, which diehard guides, outfitters and hunters-in-the-know have been using for more than 20 years.

Of course, BBD stands for Big Buck Down. Can I guarantee you’ll shoot a wall-hanger if you wear MT050 clothing in O2 Octane camo this fall? No. But I can say you’ll be stacking the odds strongly in your favor because you’ll be dry, comfortable and nearly invisible to deer, provided you limit your movement and keep the wind in your favor.

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse at O2 Octane camo and the Cabela’s employees who worked on developing the new pattern, click on the video below. I found it interesting and I think you will, too.

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