Tiffany Lakosky Finds Massive Shed on CarbonTV’s Crush Cam


Earlier this year Tiffany Lakosky from The Crush with Lee & Tiffany was out for a hike with infant son, Cameron, on their Iowa farm when she discovered a massive shed.

As the Crush Cam video below shows, the giant shed carries incredible mass throughout its main beam and points. The shed has great tine length, a small kicker off its G2, plus a mean-looking split brow tine.

“The shed is off a buck we call Wolverine,” Tiffany told OutdoorHub Managing Editor Dave Maas. “Lee had a number of encounters with Wolverine during 2015, and passed because he wanted the buck to get a year older. Lee thinks Wolverine was 5 years old last fall. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen Wolverine since July.”

Will Wolverine show up on the Lakosky farm during fall 2016 as he did a year ago? Of course, there’s no way to know for sure, but with the incredible habitat and low hunting pressure provided by Lee and Tiffany, we feel confident that Wolverine might find himself in a bit of trouble this fall.

Who knows . . . maybe Wolverine will step in front of the live Crush Cam sometime in the next few weeks or months, too. Lee and Tiffany have no high fences on their property, and there’s no hunting at the Crush Cam location. In addition to observing some monster deer in their natural habitat on the live cam, you can also see wild turkeys and other wildlife. Check it out often, especially around sunset when animals are most likely moving, and especially during late August and into September when bucks such as Wolverine begin shedding their velvet.

Here’s to hoping Tiffany – sorry, Lee! – arrows Wolverine this fall.

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