Images of New Glock 17M Surfaced


Images of a new Glock pistol surfaced Tuesday over at TFB. The photos show a sleek updated version of the Glock 17 design. They apparently came from a genuine source with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, one of the first agencies to receive the new guns.



The new Glock 17M comes with some specific feature upgrades:

  • A new tougher finish
  • Changes in the rifling
  • Longer recoil spring assembly
  • Reinforced forward notch for the recoil spring assembly
  • A smooth trigger similar to the G42/43
  • Flared magwell
  • No finger grooves
  • Changes in the safety plunger
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Magazines have an extended front lip
  • Magazine well cutout


Definitely an evolutionary change with this new Glock. No word yet on civilian availability or pricing. Keep a look out for more information on the 17M and 19M pistols. I imagine that there will be some better photos released as well as a good statement from Glock regarding what changes they made.

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