Video: What Happens When You Shoot a Cube-Shaped Slug?


The guys over at Taofledermaus tried something that I think all slug gun owners have at least wondered about: What would happen if I shot a square slug out of my firearm? The expectations were less than stellar, but you might be surprised by the results in this video.

The cube-shaped slug they named the Borg Bullet (think Star Trek) was surprisingly accurate and consistent. Granted, they weren’t shooting from a great distance, but they gradually moved down in target size and were able to hit each target.

I’m not, by any means, recommending this projectile, because when you have that much spin on a cube-shaped object like this, you just never know where it could go. But it was intriguing to see the slug perform with such consistency throughout the video, I’ll admit I was one of the skeptical ones who thought it would shoot out of the barrel like a bat out of hell and fly in every direction but straight.

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