A lot of fisherman have been wearing GoPro’s on their head while fishing lately. With this awesome “grab cam,” it’s like the lure is wearing a GoPro.

Check out this awesome footage posted on fishwithjd’s Youtube channel. This really cool video shows fishing from an underwater perspective and you can watch the lure enticing all kinds of salmon. One interesting thing to be learned from this footage is that when you drag your lure across the bottom, it is not out of reach for the fish. Watch around the 1:33 and 3:10 minute mark and you’ll see a salmon chasing the lure right along the bottom.

Watch these Alaskan salmon get caught on camera chasing the inline spinner being trolled downstream. It makes for some pretty exciting grab and chaser footage.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Underwater Footage of Salmon Chasing Inline Spinner

  1. While the lure seems to elicit a fair amount of curiosity from the salmon, it’s ability to get them to actually strike it is not very impressive.

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