Video: Violent Muskie Strike You Have to See to Believe


This will likely be our favorite muskie video of the year. Yes, it’s only August, but it’ll be tough to beat this clip.

The fisherman in the bow of the boat running the trolling motor must be the guide – or at least someone with a good amount of muskie fishing experience. The guy in the back of the boat, let’s call him Sally, is a novice when it comes to Esox masquinongy.

The good news is Sally asks a lot of good questions. And if you turn up the volume on your smartphone or laptop, you’ll hear that Mr. Guide has a lot of good answers.

And that’s when an aggressive muskie decides to crash their party. Don’t you just love it how muskies always seem to know the EXACT right moment to catch an angler off-guard?

FYI: The lure is a Tin Head by Naze Baits, and it’s close to a miracle that Sally’s fishing rod, which no doubt is really Mr. Guide’s fishing rod, stays in the boat.

The lesson learned is simple: Always keep two hands on your muskie rod. (For tips on how to figure-8 properly, check out this recent OutdoorHub article.)

Will Sally ever catch a muskie? We hope so. But until then, it’s only fair that we take away his man card.

(Viewing tip: Fast-forward to the 1-minute mark.)

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