Video: 13-Year-Old Hooks Big Muskie on Figure-8


This seems to the be the summer of the figure-8! Not long ago we posted a must-see video on how NOT to figure-8 a muskie, so it only seems fitting to illustrate the proper method.

Check out 13-year-old Matt as he executes a perfect figure-8 with his 7-foot 6-inch Tackle Industries XH rod to close the deal on a 45-inch Lake of the Woods muskie. The fish followed Matt’s Musky Frenzy Apache bucktail. (Sidebar: Love the Superman shirt!)


Not only did Matt do a great job on the figure-8, but his release technique (below) is also top-notch.

P.S. Stay tuned to OutdoorHub for more on Matt’s multi-species Lake of the Woods adventure. Spoiler alert: This 45-incher was NOT his biggest muskie of the trip!

P.P.S. Matt and his dad stayed at Tamarack Island Wilderness Lodge, in the heart of some of the best muskie, walleye and smallmouth fishing on the planet!

Matt releasing muskie 8-22-16

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