Outdoorsmen are typically pretty dedicated to their sport. The lengths that we go to sometimes are – from an outsider’s perspective – a bit extreme. But it’s just what we do, and who we are.

In this video, fisherman Kevin Jeffrey puts his dedication on display and raises the question: How far would you go for your next fish?

Kevin has hooked into a fish that appears to have gotten hung up under a log near the shore. He tries everything to pull the fish out from the brush, but after having no luck, he decides to go in after the fish.

Kevin, determined to get that bass, dives down under the water, and appears to have some trouble untangling the fish at first, but eventually comes up with the bass lipped and soaking wet, proud as can be showing off his catch.

Image is a screenshot from the Grand Forks Herald video

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5 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go For Your Next Catch?

    1. Forgive him, we beseech you, Saint Snug. Heaven forbid anyone would offend your moral code by killing a fish every now and then.

      1. Seems Hawkeye suffers from ocular rectitis . Either way he was not wasting that fish .I did something similar ,in Glacier Sloughs ,Montana with a cutthroat trout . I did it to get my favorite lure back .

      2. “The question is , did he go in to retrieve his catch or …. to release the fish ?”

        Hey, Snug. (Where exactly are you “snug” anyway?). Take another look at what YOU wrote, assuming you don’t have a bad case of “ocular rectitis”, and an even more sensitive ego. Only someone with either his pinkie or nose in the air, and a worthless degree in English, would even raise such a MacBethian question. As long as the fellow paid his license fee, he didn’t already have a limit of bass on his stringer, the fish was in the legal slot limit, etc. etc., then whether he kept or released the fish is NONE OF YOUR DAMN JUDGMENTAL BUSINESS .

        No doubt, you were wearing LL Bean waders when you were in Glacier Sloughs Oh- I’m-So-Damned-Impressed, Montana. Barbless hooks on that favorite lure, I hope. It would take me about two minutes to throw three fingers of Canadian Club and blow a huge cloud of stinky cigar smoke in your face around an evening campfire. Don’t bother with a reply. I’m too busy trying to KILL a turkey during the fall season.

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