Review: LifeProof Smartphone Cases


Smartphones are such an integral part of life that anglers, hunters, hikers and campers take them everywhere, and that includes canoe trips to a secret bass lake and long hikes to a can’t-miss deer stand.

My wife (that’s her shooting pics above) and I recently bought new smartphones – iPhone SEs to be exact – and because both of us are diehard hunters and anglers, our first priority was protecting our new investments. We rely on our phones to capture great outdoor photos and videos, as well as help navigate on new hunting property, check the weather forecast, and many other important tasks, including texting and making phone calls.

With a high-quality smartphone and a LifeProof case, there's no need to pack a bulky camera on hunting, fishing and camping adventures.
With a high-quality smartphone and a LifeProof case, there’s no need to pack a bulky camera on hunting, fishing and camping adventures.

Of course, almost everyone who owns a smartphone puts it in a case of some sort. The problem, unfortunately, is most of these cases fall short in terms of providing effective protection from water, dirt and drops.

Like anyone looking for answers in this digital age, I took to the internet to conduct research on smartphone cases. I watched YouTube reviews. I read “This vs. That” product articles. And I talked to some of my buddies, paying particular attention to those who spend as much time as I do hunting and fishing.

All of this research led to one simple solution when it comes to smartphone protection: LifeProof.

Here’s the skinny: The “Proof” part of the company name means exactly that – waterProof, dirtProof, snowProof and dropProof – LifeProof. These slim cases protect a smartphone’s touchscreen with a virtually invisible screen cover, while still allowing full and easy access to every phone function. Ringtone volume and ability to clearly hear someone on your phone is outstanding. And if you’re wondering if you can still capture sharp images with your phone while shooting through a LifeProof case, check out the detail on my son’s sunfish above. Amazing.

LifeProof cases meet the U.S. Military Standard (MIL STD 810G-516.6) for drop and shock protection, so WHEN – not if – you drop your phone, it’ll survive to shoot pics and make calls another day. As for water, LifeProof cases are tested to protect your phone for up to an hour in 6 feet of water. To put this in language an angler can understand, if you’re sight-fishing for bedded bass and then drop your phone in the drink, you should be OK. Nice!

His and hers LifeProof cases.
His and hers LifeProof cases.

Even though my wife and I bought identical phones, we definitely went the “his and hers” route on case colors. My wife chose the LifeProof case in pink Realtree Camo, and I opted for Grind Grey. I don’t have the faintest idea what “grind grey” means, but it looks masculine/tactical to me, so there you go.

This fall, after field-dressing a mature whitetail buck, I hope to discover whether my new smartphone case is bloodProof. I’ll keep you posted . . .

P.S. As the video below shows, installing your phone into a LifeProof case is idiotProof.

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