Jason Aldean, the New Face of Field & Stream Clothing/Gear


Jason Aldean is the new face of Field & Stream clothing/gear. It wasn’t just his own personal love for the outdoors that drew him to the new role; he wants to create the same memories with his two daughters that he did with his dad.

“I have two daughters, and getting them involved in the outdoors is really important,” Aldean told People magazine.

“For any parent right now, there’s so many other things that can keep kids distracted and keep them from wanting to go outside and do things in the outdoors. Now more than ever, that’s just an important message – to get them out and get them interested in other things.”

Aldean talks about how important it is to him that he get his children out into the outdoors creating memories, and leaving the technology behind.

“No matter how bad you want them to not sit there with an iPad, sometimes it’s inevitable. At the same time, you can keep it to a minimum by getting them outside and taking them fishing, or even just walking around. You have to make it a point to get them off the couch and almost force them to go outside. It makes them realize there’s some pretty cool things out there if you open your eyes and look around a little bit.”

As the new brand ambassador, Aldean appears in a TV ad in which he’s talking with his father, Barry, around a campfire sharing some of their favorite outdoor memories together. Check out the ad in the video below.

This is a good message for all of us. In today’s world where technology is all around us, it’s more important than ever to introduce our children to the outdoors early in their lives. We can all probably recall our first experiences with the outdoors, whether it be fishing with your dad, or shooting your first deer. It’s a feeling unlike anything else, and it grabs you. All it takes is getting the kids out there and creating those memories together, and it will stick with them forever.

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