Video: Spear Fisherman Survives Gruesome Freak Accident


If you’re going spear fishing, make sure your spearing buddy has better aim than shown here.

This spear fisherman is likely done diving with whoever did this to him. The spear appears to have been shot into his shoulder, and as you’ll see in the video, is now protruding out of his neck like a Frankenstein bolt! How he was able to walk away with an injury like that is mind blowing.

That is not the only question I think of when I see this: Are the two men are still friends after the incident? Who knows, maybe they laugh about it over a couple cold ones now. How would that conversation go? “Hey remember that time I speared you in the neck?” Seems like that could be a little awkward to me.

From what I can see, this man is lucky to be alive. It just goes to show you, always choose your spearing buddies, and your hunting partners, carefully.

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