Video: Pronghorn Buck Charges DIY Cardboard Decoy


One of the greatest benefits of YouTube and Facebook is it allows people to share their hunting and fishing adventures with others around the world.

Case in point: Check out this amazing YouTube video from Darron McDougal. “After taking a 71-inch buck with my bow using this homemade cardboard decoy (off film),” he wrote, “I decided to see if I could incite a response from this buck. Let’s just say IT WORKED! That’s my wife in the background laughing hysterically while she films.”

If you’re not handy like Darron when it comes to crafting a DIY decoy, you can still enjoy the thrill of bowhunting over a pronghorn decoy. One of the best ones on the market is from Montana Decoy Company, and it’s called the Antelope Buck. The video below shows how easy it is to fold the ultra-portable Antelope Buck decoy.

Because the pronghorn rut is short, mature bucks have little tolerance for smaller bucks that try to steal a member of their harem. After flashing a pronghorn buck decoy to a rutting pronghorn, you’d better be ready for fast-and-furious in-your-face action!

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