Video: Tim Wells Spears Big Bear from Above


Spear hunting has been around since the dawn of mankind. Recently it has earned a bad rap because some people view it as shocking and possibly unethical.

This video is similar to another black bear hunt we’ve seen using a spear with a GoPro attached, except this one is filmed from above. Hunter Tim Wells is perched up about 12 feet in a tree as a bear walks in to his bait pile, which is only feet from his ladder stand. The bear is very nervous, and Tim takes this to mean that something bigger is roaming nearby.

His suspicions are proven right as the first bear runs off and a big bruiser walks in to investigate the bait pile.

Tim heaves the spear downward at the bear and hits his target spot-on. The bear runs away frantically, and the spear actually stays with the bear for a while, but eventually gets knocked out and the bear runs off.

Do you think there is anything unethical about this type of hunting?

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