Spear hunting has been around since the dawn of mankind. Recently it has earned a bad rap because some people view it as shocking and possibly unethical.

This video is similar to another black bear hunt we’ve seen using a spear with a GoPro attached, except this one is filmed from above. Hunter Tim Wells is perched up about 12 feet in a tree as a bear walks in to his bait pile, which is only feet from his ladder stand. The bear is very nervous, and Tim takes this to mean that something bigger is roaming nearby.

His suspicions are proven right as the first bear runs off and a big bruiser walks in to investigate the bait pile.

Tim heaves the spear downward at the bear and hits his target spot-on. The bear runs away frantically, and the spear actually stays with the bear for a while, but eventually gets knocked out and the bear runs off.

Do you think there is anything unethical about this type of hunting?

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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5 thoughts on “Video: Tim Wells Spears Big Bear from Above

  1. If you believe bow hunting is ethical, then you can’t argue against a spear. A spear is arguably much more reliable as an efficient and humane method of kill. Which is more likely to penetrate a large animal like a bear, a 2 lb spear thrown from 12 feet, or a typical hunting arrow shot from 30 yds? However, being a highly refined and demanding skill, I wouldn’t recommend spear hunting for the masses. We have enough issues with mediocre archers.

    1. I am a long time hunter and have hunted bear in Ontario. I believe in fast and clean kills. I consider myself a very ethical hunter. I don’t like to see an animal suffer because a person wants to make a video for status on social media. Some of these novice writers on Outdoorhub just want a status also. Anyone can write a story for this website it seems. See a lot of stupid and crazy stuff just for “look at me” people. So how many novice hunters are going to spear animals now because of these videos…As a hunter, I am annoyed at several hunting websites that put some stupid stuff out there just to get your attention. Anti’s love this stuff and makes the hunting community look bad at times.. As a business person, I would never advertise on many sites.

  2. Question needs to be asked here.. Does he not know that Black Bears can climb trees pretty damn quick? He’s lucky the Bear didn’t realize where that spear came from. Rather dumb stunt in my opinion.

  3. I personally do not have n anything against hunting with spear .My problem is with the way this guy acted after killing the bear reverence for the bear just some wild antic to killing it.

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