Batten down the hatches and send in the alligator gar because Asian carp are here, and it’s imperative we take action.

Last week, an Asian carp caught in Lake Erie was been found to be fertile. This invasive species would be detrimental to the Great Lakes and could potentially overtake the entire chain of lakes if not handled properly.

OutdoorHub previously wrote an article about the possibility of introducing alligator gar into the lakes if these carp found their way in, and it sounds like that day is here. According to Windsor News, two field crews started a combination of trap netting, gill netting and electro-fishing to try and slow down the Asian carp invasion.

Image courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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14 thoughts on “Asian Carp Found in Lake Erie; It’s Time for Action

  1. I swear, the Michigan DEQ/DNR are completely incompetent. They had just released a finding that nothing was found in our waters. Lake Erie is part of Michigan…Sorta like the Flint water crisis where Gov’s got caught lying and covering up.

    1. The results were discussing silver and bighead carp – not grass carp (which are already known to be in Lake Erie.

      “What that (eDNA sampling) does is it detects the genetic presence of
      bighead or silver carp — we (use) that to help guide our response
      action,” Herbst said. “That evidence from that eDNA program is basically
      highlighting the fact that we don’t have bighead or silver carp in
      Michigan waters.”

  2. Now they want to take action, now that this vermin is already here, not when they could’ve done something three, four years ago, now that they’re here. The states and provinces bordering the lake knew about these on the way and sat on their thumbs. Sportsmen knew it and asked for action and now the sky has fallen.

  3. Another potential environmental catastrophe, thanks to the fools that brought this fish into America in the first place,and the predictable and the usual failure of our various governments to take drastic action. I just wish that the people responsible could be made to suffer big-time for their incredible stupidity. I am just enraged!

  4. Stop lashing out at the most convenient target until you have the facts. For all we know, these fish may have been purposefully planted by some malicious knucklehead or other creeps.

    1. Or birds, ducks, geese and just the carp themselves got in. They never should have been used in the first place. It was predicted and leadership did it anyway!

  5. This a terribly sensationalized story. These are grass carp. They have been established in Lake Erie for quite some time. They are an “Asian carp”. They are not a bighead or silver carp.

    1. All three, the grass, silver, bighead ARE ASIAN CARP and all three are invasive and do extreme damage to our ecosystem…Doesn’t matter if one has been in system for some time. Still causes problems and more problems will arise because of the lack of knowledge and little effort to control them by. Too many people think the DEQs and DNRs will take care of it. Really, I don’t have much faith in them. Take Michigan for an example.

  6. these were raised in a farm environment, until massive flooding pushed them into the waterways.
    apparently nobody is on payroll to project what might happen in extreme events such as weather.

  7. Because they have finally made it to that body of water it is time for action…we have ask and ask for reaction to these fish for years..they are taken over the fish population in the Mississippi River which I love to fish. But I find it to be as usally once a issue in northern Illinois and above it is a bigger issue…upset avid fisherman

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